The lake speaks to you in a thousand ways. All you have to do is pay attention to it and embrace its rhythms which are anything but hectic, unlike what our daily life usually is.
Pause to admire a sunset, breathe the fresh air after a storm and its thousand colors which, from season to season, become bright or dark, intense or soft, resize thoughts and raise the spirit.
The lake invites you, in a very natural way, to slow down. And if you listen to it, your gaze will change.
And you, inevitably, will change with him. At least for a while, before leaving again.


The lake in front of us and a hinterland rich in beauty behind us.

The seasons and their atmospheres


“The best season to enjoy the lake, for me, has always been summer: the long sunny days between boat trips, beaches, dives and explorations in the short, there is something for everyone!”


“Spring and autumn are definitely my favorite seasons, I love exploring the little-known paths that are certainly not lacking here. Walking in these places, deepening the knowledge of the territory in which I live, I feel that the bond strengthens from year to year. An incredible feeling.”


“The lake offers a thousand opportunities for fun: culture, sports and beautiful places to go to, and this is certainly important for us young people. But, I admit, I like to spend time in the garden, looking at the lake from up here makes me feel good.”


“Every time I return home, after months of studying abroad, I am amazed at how much I have missed the lake. He's a kind of silent friend who watches you from afar and you know you can always count on when you need to take a deep breath and take a break.”

The Rooms


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Spectacular view of the lake, neat and clean rooms and minimal but functional furnishings, nothing is missing. Family atmosphere, kindness and superb availability!


A really fantastic place, brand new rooms well furnished, beautiful view of the lake, swimming pool surrounded by a green and well-tended lawn enriched with olive trees. Wonderful holidays not to be missed.


Delightful with wonderful view, clean and welcoming, extremely helpful and kind owners, absolutely recommended.


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